Here at FCC Granbury, we have been blessed to have the land that we do. We have an up today facility with many great indoor and outdoor things for our community.


Our Library is what it is today because of a random act of kindness. With the kindness of an anonymous donor, our library could purchase Book Systems, an automation program that stores all our book, DVD’s, and CD’s in a catalog.

Our library has over 1,800 unique titles in collection and is organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Our largest section is the 200’s- Religion. Our library has a diverse collection of non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books.

No library card? No worries! All members information is stored on the library data base, and if the church is open, you have access to the library. Our library uses the honor system where you can check out a book by simply writing your name and the barcode number on the book at the circulation desk. Our librarian, Ann Lockard, will then check the book out to you when she is in the library.


The outdoor worship center has been built in stages over years. Originally it started with the pergola, which was built by 7 men from the congregation. Next, the fire pit was built and the labyrinth was added.

Years later, 8 rose bushes were planted that are still climbing to the top. These roses bloom profusely, usually in April. This varity of roses were said to have been the anly roses that survived hurricane katrina in 2005. About 2 years ago, the berm out behind the the labyrinth was built and have been decorating it ever since.

The only part that is left to finish are the walkways that connect everything together. A lot of folks at the church have put in alot of time and energy on this beautiful project. 

In August of 2013, First Christian Church added a Community Garden to our facility.   We are offering this as a free gift to our neighbors.  Our 5 x 12 plots are now available for rental for the fall planting season.  We are very excited about this new ministry.  We hope you'll come join in the fun soon. 

As you can see from the photo below, the garden is a work in progress.  

To reserve a plot, email Ellen Buck (our Administrative Assistant) at or call the church office at 817-573-5431

Come and use the church's labyrinth as a prayer tool; it is located outside near the back of the church facility on the west side and is open to all: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It's a great tool to incorporate nature into your prayer life.  Don't be surprised if you see cows grazing in the neighboring pasture or roadrunners darting to and fro.  

The 7-circuit classical labyrinth was added to the church's outdoor worship space in 2012 under the vision of Kathy Murray. Follow these links to more information about labyrinths and ideas to utilize them in your prayer life.