We are Simply Christians.  We come from many different backgrounds and worldview:  political, age, and social views. We disagree on many things but are united around 3 important truths: 

  • God loves all people with no exceptions
  • Jesus is the Christ and teaches us how to take better care of each other and the world
  • Everyone is welcome here

Most importantly, we believe in loving each other, especially, when we disagree. 



Our mission is to share with ALL people the love of God that we experience in Jesus Christ our Lord.

We do this by welcoming everyone that comes through our doors into worship, study, and fellowship with us. We do this so we might glorify God together and grow in faith, hope, and understanding.  We also seek to fulfill this mission by reaching out to serve "the least of these" (Mt. 25) in our nieghborhoods, Hood County, and beyond - with an emphasis on children and people struggling with hunger and health issues.

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We believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and our Lord and Savior. Our shared goal is to build our lives around glorifying God and following Jesus Christ to the best of our ability; each in our own way.

The Bible tells the story of God's redemptive power in the world and fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Everyone at FCC is encouraged to study and interpret the scriptures for themselves. We believe we know God more fully when the body of believers bring their own faith experiences to the table.



The communion table is the central piece of our worship service and the cornerstone of our community life. We serve communion each week at an "open table," where all are welcome. Jesus welcomed all who would come into his presence. We invite anyone who would come to join us, despite what you look like, how you vote or who you call "family." We believe that everyone is welcome at the Lord's table with us, in worship among us, and in service to the world beside us.

Here at FCC Granbury, both men and women share equal leadership here. All people are encouraged to serve where they feel called. 

To find out more about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) as a denomination, click here.